The Impact Opportunity in the Mispriced Risk of Lending to the Underserved

Techies are used to making the impossible possible. Bankers, not so much. But I’ve been struck by a common theme in many of the recent deals ImpactAlpha has rounded up in our Dealflow column, as well as in a bunch of conversations with financiers. Things that were impossible even a few years ago are now possible, and profitable.

Collaboration Capital CEO, Christopher Knapp, Sits on Panel at Invest In Women 2018 Conference

Collaboration Capital CEO, Christopher Knapp, presented at the Invest In Women 2018 conference in Houston, TX on April 30th, on the subject of “Forward Looking Families: A Shared Commitment to Profit and Purpose.”
Invest In Women 2018 is the leading forum nationwide to explore, discuss and learn about issues that are meaningful for women financial advisors and female clients.

Collaboration Capital CEO, Christopher Knapp, Presents at Impact Investing Forum 2018

Christopher Knapp presented at Impact Investing Forum 2018 in Palm Beach, Florida on Monday, April 22nd on the topic of “Redefining the Civic Forum – The Role of For-Profit Problem Solving Enterprise and Dynamic Public Spaces in Local Economic Development.”


Collaboration Capital Joins NationSwell Council

Collaboration Capital has joined the NationSwell Council as part of NationSwell’s launch in Houston, the first city to host Council members not on east or west coast.

Collaboration Capital Hosts Dinner for Jeremy Heimans, Co-Author of New Power

Why do some leap ahead while others fall behind in our chaotic, connected age? In New Power, Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms confront the biggest stories of our time–the rise of mega-platforms like Facebook and Uber; the out-of-nowhere victories of Obama and Trump; the unexpected emergence of movements like #MeToo–and reveal what’s really behind them: the rise of “new power.”

How To Build A More Inclusive Pipeline For VC Investments

One of the most pressing challenges we are facing in the startup ecosystem today is the staggeringly low number of diverse founders receiving VC funding. In the last year, investors awarded women a quarter of the investment they were seeking– male founders, in turn, received half. The numbers are even shockingly lower for founders of color. To challenge this, several VC firms have been working through these issues and coming up with innovative ways to reach and invest in diverse teams.

World’s Asset Owners Discuss ESG Investment Plans at United Nations (Part 1)
Collaboration Capital CEO Christopher Knapp Presents Williams College Sustainable Investing Symposium, “Leveraging Capital in Service of Sustainability”

On January 18th, Williams College hosted an educational symposium on sustainable investing to bring leaders in the field together with students, faculty, and administrators to build a coherent framework for responsible capital deployment, with sensitivity to investors who have a duty to deploy capital responsibly without compromising market rate returns.

Thoughtful stakeholders in institutions, corporations, and prominent families around the world are seeking to align their investment strategies with the mission and core values of their organizations. Many are seeking ambitious returns through investing in businesses that are both financially and environmentally sustainable — pursuing profit with purpose.

EVs Climbing the (Model) S-Curve

Electric vehicles are a disruptive force that we believe will create massive change (and opportunity) in the auto industry over the next decade. The success of Tesla (at least from a product perspective, if not yet a financial one) is the key catalyst that has triggered the electric vehicle revolution.

What Millennial Investors Want

The Millennial generation is set to receive the reins as the US undertakes the greatest generation-to-generation wealth transfer to date. The Millennial generation- those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s- has a different take on the primary role of business compared to previous generations.