Our approach to Multi-Generational Portfolio Construction

Collaboration Capital was founded to address the needs and investment requirements of multigenerational forward-looking families. Different generations frequently think about their investment portfolios in divergent ways, with the composition of such portfolios naturally reflecting distinct life experience, awareness, aptitudes, and risk/return objectives.

Typically, generational contrast is reflected in asset allocation; for example, how much one might have invested in stocks versus bonds. Collaboration Capital's investment process adheres to traditional, asset allocation and fundamental securities analysis-based principles with a key differentiator: we add an additional dimension to comprehensively respond to varying, often generational, appetites and perspectives.

Families that successfully maintain generational wealth are often those that share a cohesive investment philosophy and discipline. By responding to our clients in the full context of their generational perspective and life experience we deliver portfolios across a strategic continuum that meet the objectives of the senior generation while also responding to profound, often technology-led, market shifts and opportunities that resonate with younger investors.

Your Generational Profile

The Senior Generation
A Stalwart Investor
The Baby Boomer
An Advocate Investor
The Millennial
An Apostle Investor
  • The Stalwart

    Many senior generation investors engage passionately in philanthropic organizations that are addressing problems they care about. For these clients we craft portfolios whose construction is both intensely pragmatic while also inclusive of commitments to investments in new technologies that are often reshaping entire industries. Balance sheet integrity is fundamental to our security selection as is a rigorous screening criteria process based in critical thought to identify and invest in companies whose corporate practices are better aligned with client-specific philanthropic interests and priorities.
    What goes into an The Stalwart portfolio?
  • The Advocate

    More often than not the middle generation of a Collaboration client family is a Baby Boomer, someone born between 1946 and 1964. Typically these are investors whose early life experience has been framed by traditional family norms but whose education and career pathways have altered the lens through which they process risk and opportunity. Many recognize increasingly that there is a growing disconnect between what they care about and how their capital is invested. For these clients we craft portfolios whose constituent components meet rigorous balance sheet and ESG screens and also include appropriately risk-vetted allocations to private credit funds whose mandate is to democratize access to capital and opportunity.
    What goes into an The Advocate portfolio?
  • The Apostle

    The youngest generation of a Collaboration client family is often someone who has been raised in an arguably traditional framework but whose life experience has been informed by the rapidly changing reality of greater exposure to other cultures, socioeconomic groups, languages, technologies, and lifestyles. Much has been written and documented on Millennial appetite for consumption, which differs significantly from previous generations and has a huge influence and impact on company economics across multiple industries.

    For these clients we craft portfolios that, while still rooted in fundamental security analysis, are intensely mission-aligned and inclusive of investments in for-profit early stage enterprises solving for complex problems historically the domain of philanthropic and NGO/public sector spend.
    What goes into an The Apostle portfolio?