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Collaboration Capital is an independent investment advisory practice whose core mission is to deliver values-based portfolios to values-based investors. We offer forward-looking individuals and families a wide spectrum of investment opportunities that span public equity, public debt, private equity, private debt, and venture capital in both traditional and ESG/impact mandates tailored to multi-generational requisites.
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Collaboration – Expertise via Talent Aggregation

We believe investors are best served via processes that prioritize critical thought over formulaic thinking. Collaboration’s portfolio contributors include research analysts, venture capitalists, social entrepreneurs, fund managers, thought leaders, innovators, and civic pioneers. This aggregated knowledge base informs the construction of separately managed portfolios whose objective is above benchmark return with risk profiles that approximate that of traditional indices.

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By design, ours is an intensely pragmatic approach to portfolio construction.

We embrace time-tested and traditional principles as essential first steps and catalyst to deliver investment strategies that reflect the values and priorities of distinct investor profiles. Investor profiles are purposefully dynamic and flexible and designed to serve as approximate guidelines for asset allocation and security selection.

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All investments involve risk, including loss of principal invested. Past performance does not guarantee future performance. Individual client accounts may vary. The strategies and/or investments referenced may not be suitable for all investors as the appropriateness of a particular investment or strategy will depend on an investor’s individual circumstances and objectives. Please refer to the "Disclosure" link below for additional information.